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Glyn Llewellyn

Glyn is a leading SQL Server database analyst and designer in both Australia and the United Kingdom.

He has an enthusiastic outlook with a strong orientation to effective teamwork. This fits well with both leadership and high-level participation roles in complex BI programs, particularly those that require a mix of business understanding and technical know-how. Glyn has consulted across a diverse blend of large clients with challenging objectives, often to tight timeframes. This experience traverses government (both Commonwealth and State Levels) and commercial sectors (notably financial services). In his most recent role at a boutique BI consulting firm, Glyn has performed a lead consulting role in a variety of engagements which has leveraged his client engagement as well as his analysis and technical skills

His specialities are SQL Server performance, database design and operations, as well as extensive experience with machine learning, CognosDB and SQL Azure.

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Geoff Orr

Having worked in delivering significant mission critical applications as an Analyst and Technical Lead, Geoff now works as a senior Microsoft Business Intelligence Consultant, committed to assisting clients in releasing the true power and value in their databases.

Geoff’s over 25 years’ experience in the ICT industry as a Systems Analyst, Database Analyst and Designer, Team Leader, Database Administrator and Trainer gives him the breadth and depth of competency to create leading edge Business Intelligence solutions and to mentor clients wishing to build the same capability. His ability beyond technical knowledge and experience to really grasp the business drivers behind a BI initiative is an invaluable asset in ensuring a client’s business intelligence solution properly aligns with the business need and the other assets in a client’s ICT inventory.